Postdoctoral Research Associate / Fellow
Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
School of Global Affairs / Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy
King’s College London

Dr Gabrielle Samuel

BSc, MA (Bioethics) PhD (Genetics), PhD (medical sociology)

Dr Gabrielle Samuel is a social scientist whose interests relate to exploring ethical decision-making processes in practice. The types of practices she focuses on are broad. Much of her work looks at decision-making at the level of research ethics and ethics governance, particularly for innovative research methodologies such as social media and AI research. She also has an interest in decision-making for peer review, as well as more broadly around valuing and evaluation. Finally, she has conducted extensive empirical work exploring the decision-making associated with stakeholders of innovative biotechnologies in the health and forensics arenas, particularly around genetics and genomics.

Latest publications

Ethical Issues in Social Media Research

Defining ethical standards for the application of digital tools to population health research.

Civil society stakeholder views on forensic DNA phenotyping: Balancing risks and benefits

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