The Corona-Eye: Exploring how COVID-19 affects deliberative and mediation measures in the REF2021 peer review of Impact

eyes of white concrete sculpture with face mask from free pexels photo

Read our newest preprint on how COVID-19 influence peer review evaluation processes using REF2021 as an example. Gemma Derrick and Julie Bayley have written the following paper found here on the Open Science Framework about how peer review processes will change because of COVID-19.

This project explores how peer review committees might sensitively account for the disruption to ‘normal’ research trajectory due to COVID-19. It uses the REF2021assessment of impact as an example, but it applicable for all peer review sites of assessment that will need to mediate the effects of, and navigate new working arrangements as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis. Full overview details of the paper can be found here.

Published by Helen Greaves

Helen is currently completing her PhD research which aims to assess the value of pond management for biodiversity conservation. Her work focuses on macroinvertebrate community assemblages and water chemistry analysis. Helen acts as secretary and as a co-organiser of the Norfolk Ponds Project meetings and sits as a student member on the European Pond Conservation Network’s steering committee.

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